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Jürgen Abele

Jürgen Abele

Very long time ago I did my qualification in becoming a hotel manager in a luxury hotel in Germany – at that time, working and running a hotel gave me the possibility to move and work in different countries, which was fascinating for me. Not even a year after I received my degree, I went to South Africa for my first experiences abroad. But after my mother visited me there and told me to come back to be closer to my family, I returned, though with a heavy heart. But the wanderlust did not leave me, and so I left again, this time to France, Kenya and onto a cruise ship, before I decided to immigrate to New Zealand.

Since 24 years I live now in this beautiful country, which became my adopted home. I love the easy going way of live and the friendliness of the locals. The Maori culture has always fascinated me, and today most of my close friends are Maori. The nature is so diverse, you almost forget that you are on an island. New Zealand is also an El Dorado for sports addicts. To combine sports and nature is so easy here, I myself love to kayak and hike. Even after so many years in this country, I still find new places and new possibilities, always reminding me, how special this country really is.

I discovered Canada a bit later. The people and the "outdoor“ culture are very close to New Zealand. What is different are the dramatic landscapes, everything is bigger, the trees, lakes, the mountains and the seemingly endless vastness. It is so fascinating to discover the wide cultures of the „ First Nations“. What a beautiful big country!

Throughout the years here in New Zealand, I had a lot of opportunities to visit and discover the islands of the South Pacific. I am very close to the traditional cultures and customs how you can find it on Samoa.

I am dedicated with my heart to get our visitors close to the breathtaking nature as well to the fascinating ingenious cultures of "my“ countries.


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