Nature at its best

The canadian way of life

Spectacular landscapes, grandioses sceneries, a diverse Flora and Fauna, the heritage of the First Nations as well as the modern lifestyle will make your canadian experience unforgettable. The second-biggest country in the world offers 46 National Parks and territories within 13 provinces.
There is one thing Canada has: space. In the nature but surprisingly even in the cities you feel the notion of space. This might be one of the reasons for the locals being not only relaxed, but incredibly friendly. Despite the fact that you will need to travel many, many kilometres to see the country, you can overcome these distances in an eco-friendly way. Travelling by overland bus or train is easy and comfortable. And why not discovering a city by bike? Outdoors, there are all options thinkable to enjoy the beautiful nature to the fullest. From one to multi-day hikes, canoeing, kayaking, whale or bear watching, climbing, and all kind of summer-and wintersports are possible. Culture lovers will enjoy the art, music and film scenes in
the big cities. Every city is a foodie-heaven. Meet Canada`s First Nations, each tribe with its own customs, language and culture and pride. Te Rā Tours highly recommends to visit a reservation, for a further and deeper understanding and respect for the people.

Canada - The West

The West

Splendour without restriction

Wonder why Vancouver is often referred to as „the best place to live“? Embedded between mountains and the sea, the metropolis surprises its visitors with parks and there is even a city forest in between the skyscrapers. Stroll around the neighbourhoods, and discover the „laissez-faire“- attitude of the multicultural city. A ferry takes you to Vancouver Island, the biggest north-american island in the Pacific. This Island is as multi-faced as Canada itself. On the coastline there are fjords as well as deep cliffs and sandy beaches. Deeper inlands a glacier, mountains and even rain forest surprise the visitors. Wolves, coyotes, moose and pumas are some of the inhabitants, as well as hundreds of different bird species. In the waters you can encounter seals, and – depending on the season – orcas or grey whales, even when kayaking! Two of the most famous national parks of western Canada can be reached within a one day trip from Vancouver: Banff and Jasper. Both are situated in Alberta, and are the ultimate outdoor - lovers dream: Glaciers, mountains, canyons, forests, turquoise lakes, impressive waterfalls, incredible photo motives. It is a good place to feel the country’s indefinitite vastness. Keep this feeling while driving along the Pacific Rim Highway or the Icefields Parkway. See the mountains in another, fascinating perspective on board of the Rocky Mountaineer. There are countless options for all kind of outdoor experiences – year round.

Canada - The East

The East

European Heritage, Joie de Vivre and The Maritimes

The big and relaxed cities in the eastern part of Canada are the evidence of the European heritage. Québec City or „ La vieille capitale“ (the old capital) is one of the oldest cities in North America. Its pittoresque Old City with its narrow streets and the town’s landmark Chateâu Frontenac, are UNESCO World Heritage and best discovered by foot. Montréal is one of the biggest french speaking cities in the world and a real Feel-Good-Place, with a lot of old and contemporary architectonical highlights. Ontario is less than two hours away, and English is back to be the official language. Visit Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capital, the world class Metropolis Toronto and the famous Niagara Falls. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are referred as The Maritimes. Pittoresque roads along the Atlantic Coast lead to little fishing villages, historic sites and attractive beaches. In the mountains, forests and along the lakes there are countless trails inviting you to explore the wild and fantastic nature. A special and also famous spectacle in autumn is called the „Indian Summer“. Te Rā Tours is happy to support fair tourism. A unique and off the beaten track experience for example is the visit of a traditional site. Together with guides from the First Nation of the Atikamekw you experience many outdoor activities, find out more about their rich culture and overnight in a teepee.

Canada - Yukon


Embrace the wilderness

This is the place for real adventures. A territory as big as Germany, Switzerland and Austria combined and only around 37.000 inhabitants. Travel back in time along the Klondike Highway, starting in Alaska and connecting the capital Whitehorse with the legendary town of Dawson. Get the „Gold-Rush“- feeling when panning for gold yourself! Thrilling outdoor activities are waiting for you, incredible hikes, also, overnight tent stays in the wild are possible - but don’t worry, if you are not so adventurous, you can still experience Yukon’s wild side in a more comfortable way. Encounter caribous, moose, bears, wolves, bison and many more animals in the Wildlife Reserve. Spice up your itinerary with a flight safari over the glaciers of the Kluane National Park or dog sledding expeditions. Te Rā Tours recommends a holiday in Yukon to experience one of the last adventures in the world and to turn Yukon’s motto into reality – „Larger than Life“!

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